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April 9, 2012

Fencing The Line

We've been working on the new fence line that will become the new dog moat. Its coming along slowly but surely.
See that the new fence line is outside the existing line by 6 or 8 feet. Dog Moat!

We got the rest of the metal tposts pounded in this weekend. We're using 6 ft heavy duty tposts beat into the ground with a tpost pounder like this. This big metal thingy fits over the end of the tpost then you use the handles to whack the post securely into the ground. This tool is really heavy so don't bonk yourself on the head with it. Don't ask me how I know this.

I love that rail road tie at the end. I'm gonna paint it bright pink and put a disco ball on top of it.

We ran the fence line about a foot inside our property line. The line was determined by placing a post at the right spot (12" on our side from the property marker) at each end of the line.  Then we marked it by tying special surveyors string (its bright pink and is extra heavy) on one post and running it to another post 12" inside of the property marker at the opposite end. We pulled it tight and then voila! A straight line!  Then it was just a matter of pounding the posts in so they barely touched the string.

The property marker is to the left of the green post, the rail road tie is on our side, then we measured to make sure we tacked in the string so it was about 12 inches from the actual marker.

The next steps are to install another rail road tie at the bottom end of the fence line and then to string the field fence along all those posts.  We put the tposts about 10 ft apart (measured, of course).  We got them at TSC in bundles of 5 for about $25.  We had some posts but so far that stupid neighbor's dog has cost me a couple hundred bucks in posts alone. See why I'm all hacked off? 

Anyway. I can't wait to get this project completed - its gonna be great to have a dog run for the Dog Horde to goof around in during the day. The chickens won't be able to get in - at least not the smart ones - and the dogs will be right near me when I work in the upper garden and not "helping" me which is more like "get in the way and pee on everything." And having the dogs in the Moat will make it harder for intruders to get into our yard.  Especially when Zander gives them his big boy bark..... (Warning: Poodle owners might want to send their dogs out of the room. You know who you are....)

 That's my good boy! Woof!

That's the progress so far. We are going to have a weird schedule this week. But hopefully we'll get this done soon. In addition to fencing fencing and more fencing we have two other crucial items on our to do list. First we need to have Rooster Day. The roos are really going after the hens aggressively and I'm afraid one of the ladies will get hurt. Also - there is a lot of crowing going on. We are looking forward to a quiet and more respectable barnyard.

Next, we need to send the rest of the creepy meats to the freezer. We only have 7 left and we should be able to take care of them pretty quick - especially since we'll have a couple of cool days coming up. Much better weather than trying to "dress" chickens when its hot.

That's our story - how's your week shaping up? Whatcha working on?

Happy Monday! Now get out there and run some fence!