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April 30, 2012

Dahli's Beautiul Udder

Never say never, right? Remember when I was complaining about Dahlia and thought she wouldn't be staying. Sheesh. She's staying. She milks like a mutha and you should see her beautiful udder. In fact, look!

Hello Dahli! Would you look at the bag on that girl? And those teats! A milking dream machine..

Dahli is a "first freshener" - which means this is the first time she's produced milk. When dairy animals have babies and begin producing milk folks say that she has "freshened." Dahli always thinks she's fresh - and superfly. She's kinda full of herself.  I don't like it. She lacks discipline and I'm just the one to give it to her.

Dahlia, says she's superfresh all the time. Needs discipline.

From what I've heard first fresheners are supposed to be hard to milk and don't produce a lot. No one told Dahli. We knew she was exceptionally well bred for milking, but wow! The next time she "freshenes" she's going to be outstanding and be as good a milker as Debbie, if not better.

Dahli is just the right size. (The Big Man for Scale)

One of the things I really like about the La Mancha breed is that they are petite dairy goats. Well... not Sunny from last summer. That gal was a big as a yak. But for the most part they are a nice sized goat and are easy to handle. Generally they are pretty laid back. Dahli is still a little too bouncy for me - and a little too ridiculous. But because of her excellent milking achievements she's earned herself a good parking spot and an Employee of the Month certificate. Great job, Dahli - keep up the good work!

What about you - anybody else got a superstar in the making?

Happy Monday everyone! Now get out there and milk your fresh new goat!