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April 11, 2012

Big Dog Snuggle Day

Tuesday was Big Dog Snuggle Day.....

Dog#1 needed a lot of snuggles...

He had to stay over nite at the vet and I got him back Tuesday morning.

Pretty much we just laid on the floor and snuggled. He's fine. I'm recovering. We should both be back to full speed in a few days.

Titan went to visit the extremely good dog dentist for some work. An old mouth injury was acting up - probably because of a new tooth problem. They got him all fixed up but he's a little loopy from the drugs. The good news is that the rest of his teeth are just fine.  This was a huge worry for some time and now we can all rest easy. And we'll be doing a lot of snuggling.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Are you snuggling your big dog?