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March 23, 2012

Yesterday was perfect

This is what yesterday felt like....

The Too Cutes catchin' some air

This is what yesterday looked like....

The pear tree is stunning

This is what we did....

Planting onions in the upper garden, Kai for scale

This is who helped me...
Titan and Kai kept watch over me

Wow what a day!

Yesterday was one of those perfect days - you know, like I talked about here... one of the really good ones. It was all sunshine and baby goat spring poppin' and blue sky and dogs playing tag and everyone was happy.

It was all upside...We went into town and happily delivered the stuff to the tax lady and none of the paper had been peed on by cats - I think that's a first. My power cord came in the mail and we also got a few pennies from heaven.  So with some some foldin' money in our pockets we went and had a fun lunch and it was nothing that we could make ourselves so it was really a treat. And the best thing... I chatted with a very nice lady, she might be an angel, and I think the Too Cutes are going to the heavenly situation. More on that tho, once it happens.

We'll get some rain later and a few storms but for now I'm looking at all upside today.

Happy Thursday everyone - now get out there and watch your dogs play tag, plant some onions, and watch those little skip pip poppin' goatie babies catch some air!