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March 9, 2012

Well there you have it.

Remember when I was all worked up over the crap they call food in school lunchrooms....and how "they" took a kid's lunch and gave her the school's food instead because it was better?

Well there you have it. Just so we are clear - the fast food places won't serve this anymore... but they are gonna sell it to the schools and then feed it to your kids. Super. Duper.  Just so's ya know... I won't feed that to my dogs.

And just in case you need a little more reinforcement... Get a load of this guy and why he won't buy ground meat from the store.  Everyone knows that you can grind your own meat at home, right?  And stuff like sausage is just ground meat with seasoning and you can do that yourself, right?

Or you can ask your butcher counter to grind some beef for you - just get a better cut out of the case, hand it to him, smile, and say "Hey buddy - will you grind this for me?"  Easy peasy.

However, if we've just walked thru and burst into fits of laughter at our classic joke "Hey do we need ham?" the butcher guy might just be crying. Our poor meat counter guy, honest, we aren't laughing at him. Just in his general direction. We about fell over each other a couple days ago when we looked into the meat case for the first time in months. No thank you.

So when I'm prattling on and on about raw milk - remember it is not just about raw milk. Its about YOU being able to grow and eat the food that you want to with out anybody - including school lunch inspectors - telling you that you can't.

Happy Friday everyone - are you really going to send your kid to school with lunch money after reading and watching these articles? Ick.  Lets just chalk this up to reason 942 why home schooling may not be such a bad idea.