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March 8, 2012

WARNING! Adorable baby goats

So cute your eye may just melt. I'm not even kidding. You can also see the video here on youtube.

Will you just get a load of these little Too Cutes? They are doing great - happy to see me, eager to take a bottle, and willing to let an enormous dog lick their little milk faces.

Little Cali is chocolate tipped and totally splashy.  She is more Nigerian in form.

Little Cressie is mostly black with cow markings and has an adorable white crescent shape on the top of her little head. Don't those little La Mancha ears just slay you?

They are only this big. Well, they are only four days old. They are up and pip popping all around. This was their first trip outside and they thought The Whole Wide World was the best thing ever.

What could be cuter than adorable baby goats!  Happy Thursday everyone!