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March 16, 2012

Two things I'm extremely grateful for right now

There are a couple of things that I am shockingly grateful for right now. First, that we didn't spend any money on heating oil this year. Not a penny. Our entire heating bill for this whole fall/winter/spring has been exactly $200. This is why....

The wood was only $50 for a whole truck load!

...we judiciously ran the furnace but mostly we heated with wood in our wood burning stove. Careful planning, wearing a sweater, and a warm non-winter saved us at least $600. We are so glad!

For anyone about to start screaming about climate change, please sit down. We got most of the wood from an Amish neighbor down the hill from us. He uses his big ol' draft horses to pull already downed trees out of his woods. The sawmill he uses is from the 17th century so, aside from the horse toots, I'm pretty sure the carbon footprint is pretty small. Much smaller than buying heating oil shipped from halfway around the world and such.

Next, especially right now (Thursday nite) I'm extremely grateful for our creepy meat chickens. They were incredibly cheap to raise over the winter and are extra delicious. I just had another pile of livers in a Marsala-cream sauce. Yum!

For my pal who requested the recipe.... This is sorta what I did... but substitute the Marsala for the brandy. One nite I had bacon in it but tonite I didnt. This version doesnt even really need cheese on it. The other nite I just poured it over polenta.. honestly it was so beautiful I couldn't even hold the plate to take a picture of it.

Just pretend that this is a perfectly framed picture of my supper. 

So a bit of housekeeping....Under the heading of "just so's ya know..."

It is a fact that I am a nerd. I don't step back from it, excuse it, or explain it. I embrace my nerd-ness. So you can imagine I was crushed on Tuesday when I forgot it was Pi Day! And I made no pie to celebrate.  My nerd card was summarily revoked (you know who you are). Well. I think I have re-nerd-i-fied myself.

One of you, you also know who you are, sent me on a Weird Al rampage the other nite. So I've been playing and re-playing my favorite video, White & Nerdy. Because... well,  I am. But here's the thing.... I didn't know it was based on a real song and video. Who knew?  This does, of course, make Weird Al's version even funnier.

Me = nerd

And I really, really need to get off farm more often. I'm gonna go watch something from popular culture just so I can keep up. Or I can quote Dune with some of all y'all... and you know who are are too.

Happy Friday everyone! Now get out there save some money on home heating, make some awesome pasta..and nerd it up.