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March 7, 2012

The Too Cute's Big Arrival

I mentioned the other day that the nite of the Too Cute's arrival was pretty hilarious. I finally have some time to tell you the tale. But first I'd like to thank D who took the 3rd and last of the bucklings today. He is going to a great home and we are so glad!

And for all you corporate monkeys who complain about your hard days in the salt mines... you ain't seen nothing. THIS is what I gotta put up with all day..... You can imagine my suffering? HA!  Nibbles decided, again, that she needs more "me" time and gave up on the doelings today. So I'm bottle feeding them. Sheesh!  Not for long, tho, we think we have homes for them also.

Back to the arrival...

So there I was tucked safely in bed with our cats, Peeper under one arm and Pepper under the other. I was dreaming my favorite dream... I was in Pie World where everything is made of pie... and was running across a peanut butter pie beach about ready to plunge into a blueberry filling sea...

Angry yelling.

Suddenly the ala mode mountains started to melt and the whipped cream clouds were smeared across the sky...

More angry yelling.

I lifted my "Hello Kitty" eye mask and peeped open mine eye to see The Big Man backlit against the hall light wearing a sock hat and his barn jacket. He was yelling. At me. I looked at Pepper who was just as surprised as I was. She just shrugged.

Then he yelled "YOU HAVE BABIES RIGHT NOW...."

I couldn't tell if it was a statement or a question. I don't have any babies. I looked at Peep and she just shrugged and closed her eyes.


Then he turned and ran. Being a person of action I tossed off the cats, pulled on barn clothes, and ran after the sound of huge feet running across the yard. I was still not entirely sure of where I was going or why. I wasn't even awake when I tumbled into the goat house and for the life of me I still couldn't understand what was happening.

The Big Man was yelling again, this time it was, "ITS STILL IN THE SACK! THE SACK! ITS IN THE SACK!"

I had no idea what he was talking about. Why would he need a grocery sack? I looked around and saw... I dunno... Nibbles and some little things....lots of little things.

Then the haze lifted and reality came sharply into view... Nibbles was having her babies right now! 

I don't know why he didn't just say that.

Still a little befuddled I reverted to my Data-mode and started barking orders in bullet point form,

"Priority One:
* remove all goop from eyes and noses.
* make sure Nibbles licks them all..."

And so on.

Then more stuff happened but I'll tell you about that tomorrow, for now lets just suffice it to say that we stayed out there in the goat house with Nibbles until just before 2 in the AM. We still can't believe that Nibbles had five, FIVE, of them. Nor can I believe they all lived thru the nite.

When we got into the house I immediately turned to my own med'cine and poured myself a couple of huge shots of tequila. I figured I had earned it. However, I was so worried that I really couldn't sleep. Especially since Kai shattered the nite with a bone chilling bark about an hour later.

Coyotes! I was sure coyotes had scented the fresh babies, rappelled over the fence, dug under the goat house, and killed them all. I sent Dog#1 out to investigate but apparently it was just some varmint that had gotten up on the deck. I went back to bed. And laid there all nite wondering if the Too Cutes were gonna make it.

At O-dark-thirty the dogs started pawing around so I sent the team out of recon. They had nothing to report and were suspiciously quiet so I tromped out to th goat house not knowing what to find. But the baby goats were fine. Actually they were great. Everyone was up and nursing from Nibbles.

So the record breaking, boat sinking, net busting haul of five - count them - five baby goats was a raging success. And that's just the start of it! pretty soon Dahlia will have her babies and I'm pretty sure that Debbie has a couple buns in the oven as well.

You gotta hand it to Too Short... or Too Pimp... that guy has got the goods. By the way, I know who has Too Short now if you are interested... but based on his success I'm pretty sure his price just went up.

Remember that baby goats can show up at the craziest hours. And as we come into the full moon, anyone with babies due should keep a watchful eye on the flocks.

Happy Wednesday everyone!