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March 27, 2012

The Big Freeze

Last nite we had a big freeze - dang!  Unlike a short lived "frost" a freeze is when there are below 32* temperatures for more than four hours, or so the weather guy says.

So yesterday I was out there covering up what I could. I'm not too worried about the few things I planted. One of the old timers are church says that the ground is still so warm that we should be OK, especially for one night. However the only thing I'm really worried about, I really couldn't do anything about - the fruit trees.

The peach, apple, and pear trees were booming with blossoms earlier this week. It would have been a banner year for our always loaded pear trees. But now we'll have to see if anything made it. The good news is that the pear tree is pretty tall and on the top of the hill - so maybe it was above the extra cold air. The bad news is that here wasn't much I could do about the peach tree.

The only action that I could take was to get all the plastic, tarps, and sheets I could find and put them over the blossoms and hope they wouldn't freeze. Of course, if you are as short as I am and prohibited from using the tall ladder unless The Warden is home....ahem.... I could really only toss my Star Wars sheets over the lowest branches. Hopefully R2D2 kept them peaches warm.

At the last minute someone reminded me to cover the blueberry bushes - they weren't quite to blooming yet but if this freeze was gonna kill all the local berries then my couple of bushes are going to be worth their weight in gold. Zander thought the blankets on the blueberry bushes were monsters so he gave them a good woofing... then peed on them. Good work, Zander, you've defeated an able foe.

That's the word here. You just gotta love Ohio weather. The other nite it was too hot to sleep and this morning it was too cold to get out of bed. For heavens sakes.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Did you get your seedlings covered up?