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March 3, 2012

Post-Storm Breakfast

Is everyone OK after the big storms yesterday? Wow... my friend D was just a mile from the storms and one of the tornadoes went directly over her farm. Praise God she is OK and our hearts break for the folks who lost everything. 

As I was pacing around yesterday watching the radar the only thing I could think to do was make a quiche. 

Quiche? Sure! What else are you gonna do with all those eggs. Now that we have more daylight my hens are laying like the dickens and we are struggling to keep up. Quiche is cheap, easy, and fun - what could be better than scrambled egg pie?

Especially if you make it with your own bacon, goat cheese...and asparagus (ok I got that at the store). Here is the recipe I loosely based it on

But then of course.... you need to have a balanced meal so I made brownies also. And then frosted them.. oh yes I did.

It was the perfect post-apocalyptic-storm-whew-we-are-all-safe breakfast.

Nothing yet from Nibbles but she's been laying around for the last couple days. And when she lays around the goat house...she really lays AROUND the goat house. I think she's got at least 3 babies in there - if not 47. 

Happy Saturday everyone!