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March 21, 2012

OFG, Micro Goat Shepherd

This is what it looks like to be a micro goat shepherd......

I look like a giant!

I guess technically its a micro "goatherd"... but would you check out the Too Cutes!  They are adorable! And so fun and bouncy. They love to get out and stretch their little legs. They are only this big...

That is a small shoe, folks. And the goat is tiny also.

I'm supposed to tell you that I have a size 7.5 shoe.... just so's you don't think I wear a 14 and them little goats just aren't that small at all. Can you stand how cute they are?

Look at her sticking her tongue out!

I think we are going soft on them and might keep them. One of the barncats is spreading wild rumors that I smooched one of the little goaties... that I'm a goat smoocher. My legal team, the ducks, have instructed me not to make any comments. I say no more on this.

Aren't they a hoot!?

Wednesday is going to be another record breaking, sun shiney day! 80* here will come!

But first a bit of housekeeping....

SOMEONE destroyed the power cord to my laptop... so I'm having technical problems. Sorry for all the short posts... but to use this computer I gotta kill a few trolls and find someone named Leeroy Jenkins. Oh power cord...please come today and save me from this nerd-dom.