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March 29, 2012

Little Mo Knows

Yesterday was too hard to explain all in one sitting.... so lets just look at Little Mo.

Mo knows how to take it easy. Lets all be like Mo and take it easy today, 'K?

Here's a fun fact about Little Mo. His name is actually Little Moby Obediah. One nite after mas tequila we came up with this thoughtful name for some folks who were about to have a baby. You can imagine our surprise when they rejected our name suggestion - especially after we put so much effort into coming up with the right mix of literary and biblical references.

Little Mo showed up here to our Home for Wayward Cats soon after. We named him Little Mo to show our friends what a great baby name it was. They still didn't take it. They ended up naming their kid something boring.

Little Mo also has a theme song. Instead of "soul man" we sing "He's a Mo man" - we all sing it together. Nicholas rages on the horn section. There's a dance also.

Happy Thursday everyone!