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March 20, 2012

How to Milk a Goat the Easy Way

I'm just saying.... there is more than one way to milk a goat.

This is Dahlia being milked. Not by me. And yes it counts as milking. Dahlia puts up with me letting the babies nurse off her. She's figured out that I control the snacks -and since she wants the snacks... she puts up with it. Sometimes I have to hold her but she's pretty careful about this little ones - she doesn't try and kick or hurt them.

And  they do a great job in their new positions of "Assistant Junior Milker, Apprentice Level One."

We might be going soft on these Too Cutes... they are pretty stinkin' cute. And the snuggles are pretty good. And their funny little noises... Oh geez.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Got pollen in the air? I might need some allergy stuff!