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March 14, 2012

At last

I'm not sure if its a false spring or not but these new arrivals are most welcome!

We are having 70*+ days for the next week or more and I'm thrilled to run right outside and get to it. We've gotten a lot of work done in the last couple of days. The pace is really starting to pick up.

We secured the fence in the goat/hen yard to keep out unwelcome visitors. But we need to work on the actual fence line. This will create my much longed-for "dog moat" - a fence within a fence so the dogs can patrol the perimeter of the property. Its only on one side, on the shared property line, but I'm thrilled. The fence within a fence will also keep the deer out as they cannot jump two fences, spaced apart. And if one jumps between the fences.. well.. finder's keepers, right?  This will also help keep the foxes from making their way into the hen yard.

Next, we've been whacking our way thru the winter creepy meats. I had such a dinner last nite - fresh chicken livers in a Marsala-cream sauce over polenta. That's the ticket, friends - just delish.

And all the babies goaties are doing great. The Too Cutes pip and pop their way around, following us thru the yard. They are not even as big as my shoe. Its hilarious to see them try to keep up especially when they are given to randomly springing up like little popping pieces of corn.

Its a happy day folks, get right out there and enjoy the sunshine! Fake spring or not, I'm getting my shorts on and running right outside. Happy Wednesday everyone!