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February 9, 2012


So much for my dream of reckless radish planting so early in the year. This is what we woke up to Wednesday.

Nuts. Drat. Dang. Curse you, White Death!

The dogs loved it. Kai did not want to come in at all and Zander thinks snow is the best thing that's ever happened to him in his whole life.  He looked at me adoringly, like I made it snow just for him.

Me and the cats hung out by the fire. There was a lot of sloth and not many goals were achieved. Accept.. you know.. sloth. The cats think the wood stove is the best thing that has every happened to them.  They look at me adoringly like I made the fire just for them.

As for me..... the weird winter/non-winter of 2012 drags on...this winter of my discontent... just as gray and bleak as my mood. (How's that for arty?)

I have high hopes for a happy Thursday and the melting of this White Doom Which Falls Just To Annoy Me. Come on spring.....

Anybody else spend yesterday by the fire? Looks like we'll get one day of reprieve then another arctic cold spell will be upon us. At least the cats will be happy.

Happy Thursday everyone!