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February 29, 2012

Nothing yet.... Nibbles may be faking it.

Based on her behavior last nite, I was sure I was gonna have some pix of adorable Nibbles' baby goats this morning. But nope. Nothing. Nibbles is apparently just working that "oh I'm pregnant come over here and pay attention to me" thing. She might be faking it.

Sheesh. Goats = crazy.

Random unrelated pic - but hey! Isn't everyone excited about the upcoming gardening season?

So nothing yet but the weather has changed dramatically and sometimes that's all that is required to get those little babies into daylight.

So maybe later. In the meantime, I have my official goat birthing kit ready - a bottle of tequila, the Good Neighbor's phone number, and my bad attitude about the whole thing.

In the meantime everyone, keep a weather eye to the sky. Big storms are rolling thru - is everyone prepared? Now is a great time to get your storm survival strategy ready. Figure out your "duck and cover" operation now. Make sure someone outside of your state has a link to your local weather radar (in case your power/internet/phones goes out and you can't track approaching storms). Get your phone charged up and have the most secure place in your home ready in case you have to seek shelter.

Here are some tips about storm preparedness and don't forget to check your local TV station - they usually have a page about what to do.

Guess I'll go out and stare at Nibbles' tailfeathers again for a while and wonder when the babies are going to show up.

Happy Tuesday everyone!