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February 7, 2012

Bad Moon on the Rise

Anybody else feeling the full moon? Wow!  If you're not just go and talk to Nibbles. She'll tell you all about it.

I do not believe in astrology but I do believe that natural events - weather changes, season changes, the rising or falling barometer, the amount of daylight, and the moon's tug on the earth impacts us all.

Right now Nibbles is getting the full effect of the full moon. I'm afraid if she sneezes too hard them babies are gonna go flying right out of her. The Good Neighbors came and checked her out. Even tho Nibbles isn't due for several more weeks, the consensus is that she may not make it that long.

So we are on high alert. And by high alert I don't mean that I'll be sleeping out in the goat house... I just mean that we'll be checking on her frequently. During daylight hours. And maybe a little before daylight because that's when the dogs get up. But I ain't snuggling with Nibbles in a sleeping bag out in the goat house for sure.

While the jury is still out on Debbie, The Good Neighbors think that Nibbles has about 47 babies in there.. well... actually they said "probably three", and that Dahlia probably has at least one. We all decided to just wait and see how Debbie progresses. The worst thing that will happen is that Debbie didn't get knocked up by Too Short and I'll get a cow this summer. I don't consider myself to be on the loosing end of that decision at all.

In between bouts of standing there fretting over silly goats, being outside has been fabulous. I talked to the feedstore guy and he said that as long as the ground can be tilled that I could get to planting. He said that the ground was probably close to 50* (best for starting seeds like oats and other grains) because we just haven't gotten that many really cold days in a row.

Our bad soil is still a little wet for tilling but the dogs and I spent the day in the upper garden. Kai has been busy ridding the world of rats. The Bubby had a hard growing day so he mostly tripped over his huge feet. And I hoed up some dry ground to plant some radish seeds. I'm also working on resurrecting my hillbilly hoop house which blew all to pieces in one of the big storms.

Overall Monday was a great day - full moon and all. Anybody else feeling that crazy moon?

Happy Tuesday everyone!