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January 14, 2012

What we've been getting ready for....

This is why I haven't been around much. We had to get ready. It showed up late on Thursday nite. And stayed.

The White Death is here. By the end of the day this hill was covered in snow. In reality we didn't get that much snow. But the bitter cold temperatures had me in a tizzy. We had some very cold wind chills and at this writing, late on Friday nite, we are headed below zero.

The dogs loved the cold and snow. Especially our little snow face. Zander doesn't have his undercoat just yet so we could tell when he started to get cold. But Kai didn't have one hoot for the blowing wind and snow. She loved it and didn't want to come inside.

Everyone else was confined to quarters. Even the barncats. If the wind hadn't been blowing so bad we would have let everyone out. But as it was, there wasn't any reason to be outside. Last winter we would have been lucky to only have 16*...but the animals just aren't just used to this cold. We had a beautiful 50* day earlier in the week!

We were really glad we took care of the extra roosters earlier in the week. Having that gang of thugs locked in with the hennies all day would have been a disaster. And the roos would have been fighting all day.

I gave the hens some extra rations, some special snacks, and some hay to keep them entertained. Their water didn't even freeze so I knew they were warm enough. The ducks and geese were doing just fine but I made sure they all had fresh straw so they had somewhere dry to stand. The meat chickens were just fine, they had a couple heat lamps.

Debbie the goat seemed like she was a little chilled. We fixed her up with some B1, molasses, and Nutri-drench. Of course, they had a little extra bagged food, warm water, and all the extra hay they could eat.  Oddly, it was exactly at this time last year that we also had to fix her up. This pattern seems to be repeating so I'm thinking that it has to do with her pregnancy. Nibbles and Dahlia were just fine and didn't seem cold at all. We put up some tarps around the goat house to give them  more protection from the wind which seemed to come from a strange direction. Later in the day Debbie seemed to be just fine.

The weather guy is just now saying we've got another cold day on Saturday and another really cold night. Looks like Saturday will be more of the same. Everyone will be inside - including me. I've got sloth and can hardly move off this couch.

Happy Saturday everyone! Are you keeping warm?