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January 19, 2012

Oh no I didn't... Oh yes I did.

Oh yes I did. Come on, admit it....

... how many of you panicked when you heard that Hostess declared Chapter 11 and may go belly up?  Did you run right out and buy yourself a box of Ho-Ho's or Ding Dong's or Twinkies or what not?


Sure you did. We saw you huddled around the same end cap at the local Safeway or Kroger or PigglyWiggly or what not trying to decide which one to buy. I know because we saw you there. Why, we were standing next to you doing the same thing.

All of us, about the same age, nervously laughing about "do we or don't we"? Then we all walked away with a box of memories in our carts.

I have to tell you tho. After about 5 or 6 of them Ho-Ho's I remembered why I hadn't had one in about 20 years. I nearly died to tell you the truth. I think I might stick with that Michael Pollan's idea of making my own junk food from now on.

While I ain't got any particular love for Twinkies, deep fried or not, I do hope that our grand ol' gal, Hostess, makes it out of bankruptcy and doesn't end in a fizzle.

Well now, you can deny it all if you like but if you didn't buy yourself a box of Hostess whatevers, I'm sure you thought about it. Go on now and admit it. If not, there'll be an alter call for all you liars later.

Ho-Ho's just aren't the same with out the foil wrapper so I do believe that I've had my last one. Goodnite, sweet Hostess, and good luck!

Any body else give themselves a headache with bad snack cake choices? Happy Thursday!