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January 23, 2012

Berry Crisp in Winter

We all survived the Ice Storm 2012-near-disaster.. whew! But at this writing (late on Sunday nite) it looks like things are cranking up again on the weather front. Hopefully Monday morning we'll still have the lights on.  This is what I'll be having for breakfast...

What could be more decadent than berry crisp in winter?

Remember when we dominated at the U-pick strawberry farm? And then we went on a blueberry rampage? Those were probably two of the best projects we did last summer...well not including all of these also... but berry picking really paid off in a great way.

For the last couple weeks we've been in a crisp frenzy. Specifically blueberry and strawberry crisp. What a joy to have a little bit of summer just when you need it in their dark winter days.

This one was a combination of whole blueberries, ready to go blueberry filling, and ready to go strawberry filling made last summer and frozen in those gladlock containers. Easy peasy!

And nothing could be easier to fix. I grab about a quart of each - either whole berries or portioned, already-made, thickened fruit filling from the freezer and put them in my baking dish. I let them cook low and slow (maybe 325*?) for 30 - 45 minutes...and then I make the topping.

What's in the topping? Whatcha got? Mine is roughly equal parts of old fashioned oats and flour, then enough brown sugar to be sensible...and enough butter to make it look 'pebble-y' when whirred in a mini-chopper (or food processor if you have one).

Take the now-melted-berries out of the oven, shake on the topping evenly, and put it back in for about 30 minutes or until the crisp topping is.. well... is crisp and lightly browned.  You can turn up the heat to about 350-375*.

Berries + cream = heaven

Then its nothing but berry-liciousness and cream... oh golly who wants some?

Happy Monday everyone! Got a weather eye on the sky? These winter thunderstorms can pack a wallop - everyone OK?